lemme smsh fo staff

DarkRP / Staff Application / lemme smsh fo staff

Posted: 1 month ago / Aug 17, 2019

STEAM Name:gestwordp

STEAMID (https://steamid.io/lookup):

Rank: idk

Time zone: north east

Age: 14



In-game name:gestwordp

Do you have any warns?: 2

If so, why?: rdm

Do you have any bans?: no

If so, why?:

Do you have any previous staff experience?: a little

Do you have a clear, working microphone?: yes

Why do you want to be a staff member of Legacy Gaming? because there are hackers that get on at night and i want to help out  the server

How are you better than other applicants?: i am better because i dont get triggerd and i dont abuse my power

Please explain RDM, RDA, and NLR in your own words.: rdm is  random deathmach witch is when a person kill you fo no reason, rda is random arrest that means a cop has no reason to arrest you but they do anyway, nlr means new life rule and you can break nlr by going in the nlr zone 

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